Bridesmaids Gowns

Bridesmaids GownsThere isn’t a bride out there who doesn’t want a *picture perfect* wedding day, from the moment he *popped the question* you have been planning and dreaming of this day and every bride always wants to get a head-start on the preparations and planning. You are at the point in your plans where you have your wedding dress picked out; you know who your bridesmaids and groomsmen are and now you want to organise the bridesmaid’s dresses.

What happens if you have a bridesmaid who’s a little *different* you have a friend who loves to dress like a Goth, or your sister has nose or other facial piercings, or a friend has tattoos – you are probably wondering how you can get them looking a little *more conservative* for your big day.

Don’t worry – your choice of bridesmaids is based on who your family and friends are and how close you feel towards them, your choice has never been based on looks has it? After all if it was an issue you wouldn’t have chosen them in the first place. Your matron of honour and bridesmaids are the friends and family you are closest to.

Never try and change who your bridesmaids are. If you have a friend who loves brightly coloured hair, you could probably ask her to tone the colour down and for those with facial piercings; you can always ask that they be removed just for the day. If your bridesmaid has a lot of tattoos you could ask if she could cover her arms with makeup – but you still want to be mindful of hurting anyone’s feelings. Let your bridesmaid’s personalities shine by choosing the dress and proper makeup for her to wear on your big day.

Gone are the days when bridesmaids all wore the exact same dresses and it is up to you to choose the bridesmaids dresses that are right for the occasion. You can always consider having your bridesmaids wear a different style of dress – one that suits their body shape, but have all dresses made of the same coloured materials so your still have a co-ordinated look.

You can also keep to a co-ordinated look through hair and makeup – even if your bridesmaids have different styles and lengths of hair you can still coordinate by using the same style of hair accessories and makeup can be coordinated to give everyone the same look.

You can still allow your bridesmaids to have their own individual look – from tattoos to hair colouring – let their personalities shine through, while still achieving your dream of a coordinated look through choosing the same coloured dresses, hair accessories and makeup.